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Course Outlines/Assessments

MPM1D - Grade 9 Principles of Mathematics, Academic
MFM1P – Grade 9 Foundations of Mathematics, Applied
MAT1L – Grade 9 Mathematics, Locally Developed

MAT 2L-Grade 10 Mathematics, Locally Developed

MPM2D – Grade 10 Principles of Mathematics, Academic
MFM2P – Grade 10 Foundations of Mathematics, Applied
MCR3U – Grade 11 Functions

MCF3M – Grade 11 Functions and Relations
MBF3C – Grade 11 Foundations for College Mathematics
MEL3E1 – Grade 11 Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life

MAP4C-Foundations of College Mathematics-Grade 12

MCV4U – Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors, Univ. Prep.

MCR 3U- Grade 11 Functions
MHF4U – Grade 12 Advanced Functions, University Preparation
MDM4U – Grade 12 Mathematics of Data Management, Univ. Prep.
MEL4E – Grade 12 Mathematics for Work and Everyday LifeWorkplace  

Course Calendar Descriptions
The unprecedented changes that are taking place in today’s world will profoundly affect the future of today’s students.To meet the demands of the world in which they will live, students will need to adapt to changing conditions and to learn independently.They will require the ability to use technology effectively and the skills for processing large amounts of quantitative information.Today’s mathematics curriculum must prepare students for their future roles in society. It must equip them with essential mathematical knowledge and skills; with skills of reasoning, problem solving, and communication; and, most importantly,with the ability and the incentive to continue learning on their own. This curriculum provides a framework for accomplishing these goals.


Math Trip to Canada's Wonderland



2011 and 2012 Data Management Games Fair Photos


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