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Mrs. R. Clarence

Course Outlines/Assessments

SNC1D - Grade 9 Science – Academic, SNC 1D Assessment
SNC1P - Grade 9 Science – Applied, SNC 1P Assessment
SNC1L - Grade 9 Science – Locally Developed
SNC2D - Grade 10 Science – Academic,   SNC2D Assessment
SNC2P - Grade 10 Science – Applied, SNC2P Assessment
SNC2L – Grade 10 Science – Locally Developed
SBI3U - Grade 11 Biology - University Preparation, SBI 3U Assessment
SBI3C - Grade 11 Biology – College Preparation
SCH3U - Grade 11 Chemistry - University Preparation, SCH 3U Assessment
SPH3U - Grade 11 Physics - University PreparationSPH 3U Assessment
SVN3E - Grade 11 Science - Workplace Preparation
SBI4U - Grade 12 Biology - University Preparation, SBI 4U Assessment
SCH4U - Grade 12 Chemistry - University Preparation
SCH4C - Grade 12 Chemistry - College Preparation, SCH 4C Assessment

SPH 4U - Grade 12 Physics - College Preparation, SPH 4U Assessment

Course Calendar Descriptions 

During the twentieth century, science played an increasingly important role in the lives of all Canadians. It underpins much of what we now take for granted, from life-saving pharmaceuticals to clean water, the places we live and work in, computers and other information technologies, and how we communicate with others.  The impact of science on our lives will continue to grow as the twenty-first century unfolds. Consequently, scientific literacy for all has become a goal of science education throughout the world Achieving a high level of scientific literacy is not the same as becoming a scientist. The notion of thriving in a science-based world applies as much to a small-business person, a lawyer, a construction worker, a car mechanic, or a travel agent as it does to a doctor, an engineer, or a research scientist. While the specific knowledge and skills required for each of these occupations vary, the basic goal of thriving in a science-based world remains the same. Science courses have been designed for a wide variety of students, taking into account their interests and possible postsecondary destinations.

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