"Libraries preserve knowledge so that none is lost, organize knowledge so that none is wasted and make knowledge available so that no one need be deprived."


Loan Periods

Books may be borrowed for a period of 2 weeks and may be renewed as many times as necessary as long as there is no request from another patron.  Books must be brought to the Library in order to be renewed.  Students will be charged the replacement cost for lost or damaged books.



Fines are charged on overdue books at a rate of 10¢ per school day.
Students who have unpaid fines or overdue books may not sign out more books.


The computer lab, which has 13 computers and a full set of 30 chrome books, is available for individual student use unless it has been booked for a class by a teacher.
Every student has a logon and print account.
There is one computer terminal dedicated to the CSS Library book catalogue as well as accessing the database online.  


Students may buy basic supplies in the Library.

CSS school policies are in effect in the Library.


Academic Excellence

Our Staff:
   Ms. Dalrymple - Teacher Librarian
   Mr. Hunt-Teacher Librarian
   Mrs. Fort - Library Technician

   Periods 1 & 2 - Every day!
   Periods 4 & 5 - Alternates every day from open to close

new books

new books