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Cornell University - Creating an Annotated Bibliography

Referencing Articles from EBSCOHost (pdf)

Avoiding Plagiarism

Is it Plagiarism?

University of Guelph : Test Your Understanding of Plagiarism

OWL: Paraphrasing

OWL: Avoiding Plagiarism

Indiana University: Understanding Plagiarism

Paraphrasing Exercises for Senior Students

Paraphrasing Exercise for Junior Students


Do you know when you are Plagiarizing?



Make sure you properly "Cite The Site You Sighted"



Does your teacher expect you to use MLA or APA Style?  Make sure you find out.


MLA Style
Generally used for:
English                    Arts
History                     Humanities
(Religion, Philosophy)

Please note, that as of 2009, the MLA referencing fromat has changed.  Be sure to use sources based on the 7th edition of the MLA handbook.

CSS MLA Style Guide (pdf)
MLA Works Cited Tips (pdf)
MLA - Citing References in text (pdf)
Sample Works Cited Page (pdf)
Landmark College MLA Citation

Long Island University MLA Citation Style Guide
OWL: Online Writing Lab
Cornell University MLA Style Guide
RDC Library
Trinity University Style Guide
2009 Hacker Handbooks Supplement to MLA Style (pdf)

APA Style
Generally used for:
Business                    Science                    Physical Education
Geography                 Mathematics            Social Sciences

Technology                Law 
Economics                 Hospitality & Foods

Please note, that as of 2009, the APA referencing format has changed. Be sure to use sources based on the 6th edition  of the APA Publication Manual.