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Course Description: Lifelines is a four credit school-to-work postsecondary education transitions program in semester two.  Learning is discovery based and takes place outdoors, both in the local community and in northern Ontario. Our goal is to complete lasting and visible projects that will build portfolios and resumes. Program certifications include: Red Cross First Aid and CPR, WHMIS, Service Excellence, Professional Chainsaw Operator’s certificate, Duke of Edinburgh Award, ORCA Level 1 Tripping and Flatwater, and S-102 Firefighting. Activities include rock climbing, low ropes initiatives, building a cedar-strip canoe, leadership activities and games, canoe tripping, winter camping, hiking, camping and laboratory exercises based outdoors, as well as work in the local community.

Course fee is $250 with a commitment to fundraising an additional $250. 

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lifelines Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you are right.

Credits: NBV3C, SVN3E, CGR4M, PAD3O

NDA3M - This course focuses on existing and emerging issues of importance to Aboriginal peoples in Canada. Students will investigate issues related to identity, relationships among aboriginal peoples and between Aboriginal peoples and other Canadians, sovereignty principles as presented by Aboriginal peoples, and the contemporary challenges posed by these issues.  Students will also examine such topics as language preservation, the responsibilities of Aboriginal women and men, and the need for dialogue between Aboriginal and non-aboriginal peoples

SVN3E - This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge of and skills relating to environmental science that will help them succeed in work and life after secondary school.  Students will explore a range of topics, including the impact of human activities on the environment; human health and the environment; energy conservation; resource science and management; and safety and environmental responsibility in the workplace. Emphasis is placed on relevant, practical applications and current topics in environmental science, with  attention to the refinement of students’ literacy and mathematical literacy skills as well as the development of their scientific and environmental literacy.

CGR4M - This course examines the influence of human activities on the natural environment . Students will study ecosystem structures and processes, the ecological impact of human activities, and methods of responsible resource management. Students will apply geotechnologies and geographic inquiry methods to develop and present practical solutions to environmental and resource-management issues. In the process, students’ problem-solving and communication skills will be enhanced in preparation for careers and the workplace.

PAD3O - This course introduces participation in a wide variety of outdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking, cross country skiing. snowshoeing, rock climbing, cycling and other activities that promote lifelong healthy active living.  Students will apply movement principles to refine skills and enhance their personal competence and personal fitness. They will examine issues related to healthy eating and environmental awareness. They will participate in extended trips designed to apply informed decision making, conflict resolution and social skills. Students may achieve certification in, First Aid, CPR, ORCKA Basic Canoeing Level 1 for Solo and Tandem and ORCKA Canoe Tripping Level 1.

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