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Understanding the OSSLT


OSSLT Test Information

The OSSLT is administered and marked under the direction of the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), an independent agency of the Ontario government.  All students across the province will complete the test on the same morning.  There are two and a half hours allotted for completion of the test materials, broken up into two writing sections with a break in between.  The test for this school year is scheduled for Tuesday, March 31, 2020.  Prior to the test date, students will undertake a number of preparation initiatives organized by the school to ensure that they are informed about and prepared for the test.  Attendance and punctuality are essential toward helping a student achieve success on the test, both on the test day and leading up to the test.


What does the OSSLT look like?

Components of the OSSLT


Accommodations/Exemptions for the OSSLT



Student Preparation for the OSSLT

Centennial offers many programs and opportunities to assist students in their preparation for the OSSLT.  Instruction in classes throughout all departments in the school is specialized to ensure that students are proficient with the forms and techniques assessed by the OSSLT. 

On top of this, students will also be given the opportunity to attend a Literacy Camp.  This opportunity is a series of 8 after school workshops done in the weeks leading up to the test.  Here students will receive extra instruction and practice for each of the reading and writing components they may find on the test.

Students and Parents can also use the following resources to help prepare for the OSSLT:


OSSLT Getting Ready Guide 

OSSLT Getting Ready Guide 2019

The OSSLT Getting Ready Guide is a resource geared towards students to answer questions they may have, and familiarize them with the processes and formats surrounding the OSSLT.

OSSLT Planning and Prep Guide 

OSSLT Planning and Preparation Guide 2019


The Planning and Preparation Guide is a resource built for teachers, but also very useful for parents and students, to properly prepare their students for the OSSLT.  This guide contains many useful instructions practice activities.

OSSLT Released Questions 

2018 OSSLT Released Questions

A selection of questions from last year’s OSSLT that were released by EQAO.  These questions are presented in an identical format to that which students completing this year’s OSSLT will see.

OSSLT Student Answer Booklet 

 2018 OSSLT Released Questions – Student Answer Booklet

A bubble sheet that students will need to use to record their answers for multiple-choice questions.  Students will need to be familiarized with this format before writing the OSSLT. 

OSSLT Rubrics and Sample Answers 

 2018 OSSLT Released Questions – Rubrics and Sample Answers

Rubrics and sample answers for the 2018 OSSLT Released Questions booklet.

OSSLT Multiple Choice Answers 

 2018 OSSLT Released Questions – Multiple Choice Answers

Multiple choice question answers for the 2018 OSSLT Released Questions booklet. 


The main website for EQAO contains many resources, including previous test questions, preparation guides, assessment guidelines, advice, etc.



Successful Completion of the OSSLT

Once the test has been administered and returned by the schools to EQAO, marking is done using a variety of methods to ensure validity and reliability of the results. Passing standards for reading and writing are set by a standards-setting committee. The test is scored by qualified individuals who have received special training for this purpose.

Results of the OSSLT will be mailed home to participating students, typically in the month of June.  These Individual Student Records (ISR’s) will indicate whether a student has successfully passed the OSSLT and, if not, any areas in need of improvement.  A copy of this report is also kept in the student’s Ontario Student Record (OSR) for future reference.



CSS School Contacts for the OSSLT

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Student Success Lead: Mr. P. Foran

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