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Technological Education

Mr. T. Bartlett
Mrs. L. Weinert

Mr. T. Weinert

Miss J. Robinson

Mr R. Legate

Course Outlines

TIJ1O - Grade 9 Exploring Technologies – Open
TGJ2O - Grade 10 Communications Technology – Open
TGJ3M - Grade 11 Communications Technology - University/College Preparation
TGJ4M - Grade 12 Communications Technology - University/College Preparation
TGP4M1 - Grade 12 Communication Technology – Photography and Digital Imaging
TCJ2O - Grade 10 Construction Technology – Open
TCJ3C - Grade 11 Construction Technology - College Preparation
TCJ4C - Grade 12 Construction Engineering Technology - College Preparation
TFJ2O - Grade 10 Hospitality and Tourism Technology – Open
TFJ3C - Grade 11 Hospitality and Tourism - College Preparation
TFJ3E - Grade 11 Hospitality and Tourism - Workplace Preparation
TFJ4E - Grade 12 Hospitality and Tourism - Workplace Preparation
TMJ2O - Grade 10 Manufacturing Technology – Open
TMJ3C - Grade 11 Manufacturing Engineering Technology  -  College Preparation

TMJ4C-Manufacturing Technology-Grade 12 College
TTJ2O - Grade 10 Transportation Technology, Open
TTJ3C - Grade 11 Transportation Technology, College Preparation
TTJ4C - Grade 12 Transportation Technology, College Preparation

Course  Calendar Descriptions
Technological innovation influences all areas of life, from the daily lives of individuals to the work of business and government, to interactions on a global scale. It helps meet basic human needs and provides tools for improving people’s lives and exploring new frontiers.  The power, reach, and rapid evolution of technology demand a curriculum that will enable students to become technologically literate – that is, able to understand, work with, and benefit from a range of technologies. Students need to acquire the technological skills and knowledge that will allow them to participate fully in a competitive global economy and to become responsible citizens in an environmentally vulnerable world. To succeed in today’s society, students need to be effective problem solvers and critical thinkers, able to understand, question, and respond to the implications of technological innovation. Students who pursue careers in technology will also need these high-level skills to develop solutions to technological challenges or to provide the services required in their chosen fields.

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