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    Academic Excellence - Athletic Prowess - Artistic Integrity

    At Centennial we are committed to excellence in Academics, Athletics and Arts. Our staff and students work as a team to encourage everyone at Centennial to strive to meet our goal of "Exceeding Expectations". As a regional school for Visual and Performing Arts, we offer many unique opportunities for students Read More
  • Academic Excellence

    Strong academic achievement is a focus at Centennial and we provide valuable opportunities for students to improve and further develop literacy and numeracy skills. Students will find a full range of programs and academic activities to match their needs and interests. Teachers and staff work collaboratively to provide enriching opportunities Read More
  • Athletic Prowess

    The Centennial Athletics Program offers students an opportunity to play on a variety of sports teams which are both individual or team based. Student athletes develop sportsmanship qualities while participating in league play, tournaments and championships. Extra curricular athletic opportunities also allow student athletes to demonstrate committment, time management and… Read More
  • Artistic Integrity

    Experiences in the arts – dance, drama, media arts, music, and the visual arts – play a valuable role in the education of all students. Through participation in the arts students can develop their creativity, learn about their own identity, and develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and a sense of well-being. Since artistic activities Read More
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Upcoming Events

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Top Academic Award Winners

top academic award winners

Grade 9 - Emily Sudds (Top)
Samantha Bardwell
Tia Svoboda
Elena Koning
Daniel Hall
Michael Kirkpatrick
Keziah Heinricks
Anna Logan
Emily Lacey
Kate Moodey
Grade 10 - Caroline Simons (Top)
Cassandra Rossi
Leah Hamilton
Mary McLachlan
Avery Hinks
Isabella Rapino
Holly Owen
Ivy Haw
Zachary Amolins
Rebecca DeMarsh
Grade 11 - Emily Puumala (Top)
Mary Hoekstra
Susan Emerson
Liam Weinert
Tenzing Rongstang
Peter Han
Enze Li
Liam Hayes
Jeff Cato
Natasha Rodgers – Vader
Cameron Mills
Abigail Reid


 jr. girls rugby wins COSSA gold!


Junior Girls Rubgy wins COSSA gold!



student council events


Terry Fox Run/ Walk - $1200 raised!

Hallowe'en Dance

Remembrance Day 

Christmas Sharing Auction - $8400 raised!

Christmas Dance




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Arts Program

Artistic Integrity

Regional Centre for the Visual and Performing Arts

Grade 8 Students....Do you want be part of the CSS Arts Program next year?

Centennial Arts Program Video



2016-7 Audition Application Package Instructions

School Referral Forms and Reference Letters

Student/Parent Forms and Questions

2016-7 Music Audition Package (Music Requirements)

2016-7 Visual Arts/Drama Audition Package (scripts)

Deadline for Applications: 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Audition Interviews to be held in February, 2017

**Important Change to Registration Deadline regarding Elementary School Report Card**


arts program cover 14

Centennial Arts Program Brochure 


altArts Program

Centennial is entering its 18th year of offering its exclusive Regional Arts Program and in its 7th year of the province-wide Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture. Both programs offer creative students, who have a passion for instrumental music, vocal music, visual art and drama, the opportunity to study with like-minded students, guided by highly skilled teachers.

In grade 9 the successful candidates in the Regional Arts Program will select a MAJOR and a MINOR discipline from the following: Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Drama and Visual Art.  Guitar majors will be in a semestered program, and will also choose a MINOR discipline. 

The new Arts Program model will feature all four Arts disciplines offered on a year long alternate-day model for grade 9 & 10.  Each students timetable will feature alternating days for both their MAJOR and MINOR focus in their period one class.  The new common homeform will allow all arts students and teachers to assemble in one common area for morning exercises allowing the opportunity to network among each other.

Senior students will continue to specialize in their chosen Arts discipline(s) and upon graduation will receive a special Arts certificate along with their Ontario Secondary School diploma.  Senior students enrolled in the Specialist High Skills Major will receive a seal on their diploma to reflect this achievement. 

Our Arts program is designed to enhance the learning and skill development of students who are seeking a career in the Arts and/or are passionate about the Arts in their life.  We strive to nurture, mentor, and create opportunity,  in an environment that breeds success for all students.  


1) Drama Major
2) Visual Arts Major
3) Instrumental Music Major
4) Vocal Music Major


There are now entry points for grades 10, 11 & 12 students interested in joining the Arts Program. Audition requirements available upon request.


Application to the program includes:

1) an interview with subject-specific staff
2) an audition (music or drama) OR presenting a portfolio of your work (visual art)
3) a School Referral Statement from your home school

 Audition results will be available soon after the auditions are finished. 




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