Cooperative Education

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Cooperative Education is an opportunity for students in all pathways to learn valuable work skills while earning secondary school credits. Students are placed with our community partners in various workplace settings based on their own interests and career aspirations. 

Experiential learning is a great option for all students whether they are bound for the workplace, college, university or apprenticeship training

The Cooperative Education program includes a classroom component, comprised of pre-placement and integration sessions as well as a placement in the community.  Students can choose between a half day or full day placement.

Placements provide students with challenging opportunities to apply and extend their knowledge, and practice/refine skills required for their career.

Students are encouraged to visit the co-op office once they decide on the program to discuss placement opportunities. Students are not expected to secure their own placements. Co-op staff will guide decisions and arrange for the placement prior to the student’s co-op semester.


Why take Co-op?

  • Encourages students to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes required for employment
  • Helps students identify their capabilities and limitations
  • Develops interpersonal skills
  • Develops transferable skills
  • Provides an awareness of job opportunities and the experience to make informed career decisions
  • Allows students to try a career before committing to costly college or university programs